Oceantec’s wave energy device breaks de-risking ground

Marmok-A5 wave energy converter at BiMEP (Photo: OPERA)

Renewables certification body DNV GL has issued the statement of compliance for the Oceantec’s Marmok-A5 wave energy converter after the in-depth design assessment of its hull and mooring system.

In order to achieve this technology qualification, the wave energy converter – designed by the Spanish-based developer Oceantec Energías Marinas – underwent technology assessment, failure model identification and risk ranking.

The device was broken down into systems, subsystems and components with due consideration of the different phases, such as operation, fabrication, transportation, and installation, to carry out identification of the novelties, failure modes and mitigation actions, it is stated on OPERA project website.

Marmok-A5 device has been deployed at the Basque Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP), off northern Spain, since October 2016 as part of the EU-funded OPERA project, which stands for Open Sea Wave Operating Experience to Reduce Energy Cost.

It is a point absorber oscillating water column device, shaped like a giant buoy with 5 meters in diameter, 40 meters height and weight of around 70 tonnes.

The OPERA project, coordinated by Tecnalia and comprising 12 academic and industrial partners, aims to develop and de-risk technologies that will reduce the cost of operating wave energy devices at sea by 50% and subsequently accelerate the roll-out of marine renewable energy.

DNV GL provided the technology qualification process for the project and is also guiding the application of the assessment methods for the systematic identification and prioritization of novelties, uncertainties and risk.

An initial evaluation of risk was carried out at the beginning of the OPERA project based on the baseline Marmok-A5 configuration deployed at the BiMEP open-sea test site and followed by periodic risk monitoring to evaluate and update the specific risks, according to the OPERA project.

To remind, late in 2017, the Marmok-A5 device marked its first full year of deployment at BiMEP.

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