Advertorial: Complete PTO system for sale


By Are Borgesen
Founder & Chairman at Tidal Sails AS

Tidal Sails is offering for sale the generator, converters, control system and grid connection equipment of its prototype, which is not for sale.

The generator is connected to the grid over a regenerative drive. The grid voltage is 230 VAC, and the generator voltage is transformed down via a 400/230 VAC transformer.

In the grid connection point the grid owner, Haugaland Kraft, have installed a 2 way, 4 quadrant energy meter. Both production and consumption, active and reactive energy, can be measured.

The electrical system is protected by the internal protection functions of the drive and a generator protection unit (GPU).

Fig. 2. Single line diagram of electrical connection.
Fig. 2. Single line diagram of electrical connection.

Bevi 3 phase asynchronous motor, type 2Sg 200L6A
1000 rpm
18,5 kW
400 V / 34,5 A

Regenerative drive
ABB ACS800-11-0025-3+E202+P904
18,5 kW
400 V / 38 A

15 kVA

Megacon KCG595

Code Function
59 Over voltage
27 Under voltage
81 Over-/under frequency
81R Rate of Change of Frequency
78 Vector Shift
Voltage Imbalance


Fig. 3. Example of speed/torque curve.
Fig. 3. Example of speed/torque curve.


Principle of function
The generator side of the drive is torque controlled. The braking torque is converted to electrical energy and fed back to the grid trough the drive.

The torque is adjusted according to the speed of the system. During the tests this was done manually. For a permanent installation, a speed / torque curve has to be established for the actual system. Then a PLC regulator can adjust the torque automatically.

Control/converter cabinet, with the PTO controller.
Control/converter cabinet, with the PTO controller.












Included for free is one used gearbox 20:1 and one brand new 2:1.  This equipment is ideal for anyone seeking to grid connect their devices ranging from 10-20kW and with 50-100rpm alternatively 1000rpm without gearboxes.

Disclosure: This article is paid for and produced by Tidal Sails AS and does not necessarily reflect the view of Tidal Energy Today. No member of the editorial team took part in creation of this advertorial.

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