NEF to release action plan for UK coast revitalization

London-based think tank, New Economics Foundation (NEF), will today launch a 20-point action plan under which it envisions the creation of 160,000 new jobs as part of the revitalization of UK coasts.

The action plan, dubbed Blue New Deal, aims to reverse years of economic and social decline UK’s 11 million coastal residents have experienced, NEF said.

NEF’s action plan identifies 20 priorities, including greater local control over public goods and services, additional investment, closer partnerships between different areas, authorities and industries, and commitment to clean, sustainable coastal waters as part of the agenda to revive coastal economy.

According to NEF, building on existing experience and resources, the measures outlined in the Blue New Deal Action Plan could support up to 160,000 additional jobs and create £7.2 billion additional income in coastal Local Authorities.

It will be launched today, November 17, at an event in Parliament, with cross-party support from 25 MPs and local coastal organizations, NEF said.

Marc Stears, Chief Executive of the Foundation, said: “Britain’s coastal communities are dotted with innovative new projects but they have not been given the support or attention they deserve. Our action plan aims to build on those ideas and create opportunities for fundamental, wide-scale change.”

NEF has put a focus on four areas of the coastal economy: tourism, energy, fisheries, and aquaculture, and according to the foundation, by working together, these areas can make each other stronger and support innovative new businesses models.

It identified innovative marine energy projects, like tidal lagoons, as the ones that offer wider opportunities for coastal regeneration, including a range of tourist attractions.

The foundation also said the energy from the seas, like offshore wind and tidal power, could generate significant coastal employment.

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